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    6235 wifi/bluetooth Windows 8 Pro, restart issues


      I have an asus n56 vz with the intel 6235 with windows 8 pro installed. If I restart my computer every time my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are unable to reconnect. If the computer is shutdown and left alone for a period there is no issue upon boot up. However, if the computer is restarted the devices will not reconnect to the computer and must be uninstalled and repaired. I know a family member that has a different computer but the same card that has the same issue with their Bluetooth mouse. I have installed the most recent drivers as of 4/13/13. I would like Intel to look into this issue and fix in a future driver update. I waste a significant amount of time reinstalling these device if I need to restart my computer.


      If anyone else is running win 8 with this card and has a solution to this problem I am open to suggestions.