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    GMA 3600 on WINDOWS 8 BSOD.


      Intel, you really need to make a driver for Windows 8 on GMA 3600. THE NEWEST DRIVER STILL GIVES BSOD FOR WINDOWS 8 GMA 3600 USER.

      Please, You guys are only hope to make a driver for GMA 3600. Driver modders says its tricky to do so because it uses PowerVR chip. I cant play any games without the driver. Please Intel. Make GMA 3600 for Windows 8 possible. please.. Im begging you. If you dont do so you can lose alot of customer. Im serious. Its for taking care of your image. Please make a GMA 3600 driver possible.

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          Alberto Arambula

          Aura is right. You need to do a new driver because you will lose a lot of customers, and honestly Intel knows that he can do a new driver. PLEASE

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            intel you are incredible

            my only question is WHY

            why you not release a new driver for windows 8?

            I Think that it is very easy

            came on intellllll!!!!!!!

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              Alberto Arambula

              You are right @lello_01.

              Intel, please give us a good reason. Why dont you release a new driver? Is too hard or what?

              Come on Intel, not disappoint us.

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                At this point Intel® currently has no plans for releasing Windows 8* graphics drivers for GMA 3600. If they may be available, be sure that this will be announced.


                For more information on Microsoft* Windows* 8 driver availability, please refer to this article:



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                  Alberto Arambula

                  Be sure that my next computer will have AMD processor.

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                    I partially solved the problem of METRO apps win 8 on GMA 3600

                    if you install stardock  modernmix


                    and  pokki start menu,


                    it is possible use metro apps in desktop environment, this make possible use metro apps.

                    I do not know why ???   but  is metro apps running  in window desktop are useful,  instead runned in metro start  you experienced BSOD,

                    METRO WIN 8 APPS  do work very well in desktop windows GMA3600 system

                    it is probably the only way to enjoy metro exp in win 8, unfortunately modernmix is not freeware


                    I am using my modded driver  , but you can try also the intel latest 1091 driver



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                      Hi Diego and Nic,

                      I believe our question is NOT whether you have a plan to create the driver or not - our question is WHY Intel has chosen to ABANDON ITS CUSTOMERS by refusing to support a product with features mentioned at launch.

                      The page that you have provided contained NO INFORMATION pertaining to how this decision is made and how Intel is planning to compensate to customers for DAMAGES DUE TO INTEL'S UNILATERAL DECISION ON WITHDRAWING SUPPORT.


                      Would you guys stop copy and pasting statements but to ANSWER our questions DIRECTLY AND CLEARLY?


                      I look forward to seeing your prompt response.

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                        Hi Systema,


                        I second your complaint, there are a few of us now trying to ramp things up a little, let's see if a few more posts and some more publicity will make them do something... We live in hope.

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                          Intel appears inept in this area   ...   There is no use directing us to somewhere telling us we are not going to get what we need.  If Stardock can do it why can't Intel.  My next tablet will not have an intel chip if intel cannot help me when I need it to.


                          written on Toshiba WT200 using Windows 8 but unfortunately with a useless GMA3600 adapter
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                            If all of you want to change the situation, screaming at Diego and Nic, as satisfying as it is short term, will not change anything in the longer term. To change things you will need to make their bosses and executives change their 'strategic' decisions. So let's give these guys a break and instead contact key shareholders, post on social networks and directly contact the people who are responsible for this mess...


                            These things will make a difference, and Nic, Diego etc can then spend their time responding to questions they can actually do something about.

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                              Let's get this straight. Diego and Nic are the front desk for intel whether they like it or not. As such they will have to face unhappy customers and send them off as happy chappies who will come back and buy more intel products to keep intel in business and for them to keep their jobs. It is also their duty to pass on to management the fact that the customers are unhappy as the managers are probably fiddlers fiddling uselessly as Nero did while Rome burned and too busy with golf and business lunches to read the posts of irate customers who are paying for their lifestyle. Shareholders are interested in dividends not graphics adapters and only get concerned when enough customers walk away and the company fails to pay said dividends and has to fire Nic and Diego to show a profit. I did tweet and facebook these entries but that is like holding a placard in Wall Street saying intel sucks and it should not have to come to that. I am in a very large organisation but am never afraid to voice my opinion and it is in fact expected of me and my opinion is taken into account. I would expect our esteemed, professional, qualified and competent friends Nic and Diego to have a sufficiently thick skin to accept valid criticism from paying customers and the professionalism to ensure that those concerns are adequately addressed. 

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                                Logan, I think everyone on this forum has screamed and shouted, and sure it makes you feel better. But from what I think, most of us can tell, Intel has made a business decision that they can't be bothered to help us, because either we paid 'too little', the product they sold was a bombsite from the start, or they are not getting the support they need from Imagination Technologies. Now Nic and Diego etc of course should deal with all this crap, but if you've seen their messages it's clear they have no power to do anything, for all I know Nic and Diego might be Frank and Matilda.


                                You're entirely right that shareholders are interested in dividends, but how would the major shareholders feel if they were alerted to what Intel was actually doing to it's loyal customers? I'm sure our situation is a symptom of a larger problem. Intel has lost direction, is no longer able to compete against ARM in the low power section of the market and is getting strong competition from AMD elsewhere.


                                Now of course they will deal with this professionally, but if you haven't noticed Intel has done nothing about this situation for over a year, so what makes you think that will change now? Showing shareholders how incompetent their company is and that Intel did not fix a relatively basic problem with their hardware for over a year is not going to sound good to people who specialise in investing in tech companies is it?


                                So yes, let's rant, at Intel, but I suggest that we as a group also put pressure further up the chain than Nic and Diego, ultimately it seems that they are just a receptacle for all our hate, and for me I don't want to destroy someone's day if they can't actually make things any better.


                                The most effective response I got so far was posting directly onto Imagination Technologies and Intel's facebook posts, that destroys their PR campaigns, and turns away potential new customers, ask yourself, how many people actually look at this forum?

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                                  I am doing my bit to raise awareness here and elsewhere. Maybe if the hashtag #intel sucks became number 1 intel would be forced to listen. It is not about the amount paid. Whether you bought a Veyron or  Cherry you would expect to get in, start the car and go from A to B or else you have been robbed.

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                                    Couldn't agree more Whatever you pay you expect and Intel is required to deliver on their promises, they clearly have not and they should expect the results of that.

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