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    Intel 520 120gb problems - freezing, can't boot, help!


      About 2 months ago my primary hard drive failed in my desktop PC after 3 years service, so I lost my OS and programs (but not my data, which is on my secondary HD).


      I installed Windows 7 64bit onto my secondary hard drive so I could continue using my computer, then went out and bought a new Intel 520 120gb SSD. I installed Windows 7 64bit onto it, installed the latest drivers, everything was working fine, amazing performance, wasn't having any issues at all.


      4 days ago I downloaded and installed Starcraft 2 HOTS, and I left my computer on all day as it was an 18gb download. That night, after playing the game for about 15 minutes, the UI froze completely - I could still move the mouse, but nothing else was responsive (couldn't ALT-TAB to desktop, CTRL-ALT-DEL wouldn't work).


      I had to reset the computer, booted OK, started playing the game again thinking it was just one of those glitches you get from time to time, got another 20 minutes or so into it, and had the same problem, only this time the computer restarted itself not long after freezing. When it tried to boot, I got a message along these lines:


      Error 0xc000000e: The boot device is inaccessible.


      I can get it to boot again by unplugging the computer and leaving it for a while before plugging it back in, but it only takes around 20-30 minutes before I get into the same cycle of problems again.


      Basically I have no idea what to do here - is the drive screwed or is there a way for me to resurrect it? Consider me a n00b when it comes to troubleshooting this stuff.

      It's driving me crazy.