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    i3-350m running hot


      Hello folks,


      I've got an HP Probook 6450b. Wonderful machine, but it's running hot. Right now, on Win7 x64, it's idling at 49d (Celsius), which is fine. But I just did some Windows updating, and immediately afterward the dotnets went into their Optimization routines. For maybe fifteen minutes the processor was running at 25% capacity (according to Task Manager), and that drove the temps up to 85d.


      The history of this machine is that it was dropped, causing some cosmetic damage to the left-front corner of the palmrest. I don't know if that's relevant. When I got the machine it shut down a couple of times, so finally I took it apart. I found that a very sloppy attempt had been made to re-paste the processor. So I redid that half an hour ago, and here I am. The case is still semi-open, allowing for plenty of airflow (though that might work against cooling the heatsink via the fan, eh?)


      Essentially I've got a machine that is great at low load, but very fragile at higher load. As soon as the load increases, the fan revs up more than I would expect. It hasn't shut down yet, since the re-paste.


      My question is this: do you think this is a problem that would be solved by a processor replacement, or is there something else I should consider? I'd appreciate some perspective here. Thanks much.