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    Another Intel 6300 Disconnecting Thread...




      I have an 2x Intel 6300 cards, both using the latest drivers 15.6.1 on Win7 x64.  They both randomly go to limited or no connectivity and the connection must be restarted.  Every time a new driver is released, I think to myself, finally this issue is resolved.  On some older drivers I would have high latency with loading sites on a 105Mbps connection, and other drivers like the newest, the connection will go to limited connectivity from time to time.  I think to myself this card has been around nearly two years, certainly a driver should be stable by now!


      I would like to try every driver there is starting with the newest and working backwards, but I cannot seem to find all versions on the Intel website.  I'm looking for the driver only, not the PROSet Utility.  Does anyone know where such a cache of drivers would exist?  Older versions seem to be hard to find for some reason.