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    Sudden issue with HDMI output (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 (GMA 3100))

      Hey guys,

      I actually own a SG33G5M (D'VO Series) which has a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 (GMA 3100) integrated. Roughly guessed I had this system running for about 1year without any problems on a Philips 42PFL7862D/10 (Full HD). As I moved from France to Germany I had the Media PC boxed for about 2-3months and reconnected it the day before yesterday. It was working fine again, but as usual after such a "long" distance it had some Windows Vista 32bit upgrades running through the night and afterwards the problems started. (Tbh at first I thought it was caused by the hdmi 1.3 cable because I had to change it due to a accident but both cables are exactly the same. Nevertheless I was thinking about an issue between the gfx output of hdmi 1.2a and the cable, but it's impossible for a 1m cable I guess).


      To cut a long story short:

      Since yesterday I have severe issues with the HDMI output! Usually it's working for about 3-5minutes and then it starts with red blurring and then the output is completely gone and my TV says "not support videoformat" which is also impossible as it happens on *600, *720 and *1080 what always worked before. I already had the TV firmware and gfx drivers updated but the same issue occurs over and over again.


      Somebody knows something about that particular issue?