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    Dx79SI and 3820...booted once, now nothing


      HI folks:


      built, booted to bios, everything fine. About 2 minutes of browsing bios the machine shutdown, just stopped. Since then any attempt to power up the I get a fast red led blink next to STBY, "hot CPU" blinks once followed by "HD activity" blue once then Stops. STBY led stays on. CPU fan turns once or twice.


      I tried pulling all the memory, the graphics card, I get no beeps, nothing just the led activity I mentioned.


      Board mfr date 1/13 and is greater than the series that had the obsolete bios for the 3820.


      Haven't been able to try new PSU.

      Any idea's would be greatly appreciated. Seems like something fried after 2 mins.


      dx79 is extreme

      i7-3820 cpu

      16 gb corsair vengeance 1600 ddr3

      evga gt660 graphics

      coolmax zu-900b PSU




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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi Mdombros,

          Certain changes in BIOS settings (such as chipset timing or latency, memory timing or latency, processor clock frequency, etc.) can cause a system to no longer boot.

          If you are able to enter the BIOS Setup by pressing F2, reset the BIOS to factory defaults by pressing F9. Save and exit the BIOS Setup.

          If you cannot enter the BIOS Setup, clear the CMOS:

          1. Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the computer.
          2. Disconnect the computer’s power cord from the AC power source (wall outlet or power adapter).
          3. Remove the computer cover.
          4. Locate the battery on the board (see figure below).
          5. With a medium flat-bladed screwdriver, gently pry the battery free from its connector. Note the orientation of the “+” and “-” on the battery.
          6. Wait one hour then replace the battery.
          7. Replace the computer cover.
          8. Plug the computer and all devices back in.

          You may also need to perform a BIOS Recovery after clearing the CMOS. This can be done even when there is no display on the computer.

          Also to discard any grounding issue, could you please test the system out of the chassis?

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            Ruben Ramos

            Hi Mdombros,


            If any of the troubleshooting steps described above worked, you might need to contact the Intel® technical support in order to claim the warranty on your motherboard.


            Please access the following link: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport

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