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    intel smart responce, turns off hard drive, then turns back on to go to sleep


      When I click sleep on my computer with my hard drive currently running using intel smart response to accelerate it, it spins down my hard drive, spins it back up again, then back down again to go to sleep. how do I know you may ask, I can hear it. so its like windows shuts down the drive then intel is like oh wait I have something to write out to the drive so it turns it back on, then shuts it down again before going to sleep. I disabled acceleration and now my drive just shuts down normally. anyone know how to fix this strange behavior before it kills my hard drive?


      my ssd is setup as a 64gb cache drive unused space 174gb was used to install my operating system

      my hard drive is the accelerated drive with acceleration set to enhanced mode.


      OS: windows 7 64 bit,

      Driver: intel rapid storage version

      motherboard: gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H revision 1.0, bios version 15, option rom

      ssd: corsair neutron cssd-n256gb3-bk - 256gb firmware: m306

      hard drive: Samsung hd204ui - 2tb firmware: 1aq10001



      which as of now is the newest drivers and firmwares I can get, I tried beta 16d bios but no luck and computer is not overclocked.