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    GMA3600 Linux Support.

    Dingo Dingo



      I know that their is practically no Linux support for any PowerVR based chipset. But I have a netbook that came pre-installed with Linux, and because of Intel not being bothered to make drivers that have 3D Acceleration we are stuck using GMA500 2D drivers on outdated systems. It's bad enough that you will not develop drivers despite the community pleading for them, but you will not even release the source code to the existing drivers (like the GMA500 driver). If you made the driver opensource then people from the Linux Community and other developers would most likely be able to develop fully working drivers with 2D and 3D Acceleration.


      PLEASE Intel listen to your community. You sell us a product with Linux then abandon us. You cannot tell us to go to the Linux Community because we cannot develop drivers from complete scratch without you opening the sourcecode. You cannot tell us to goto Imagination Technologies (The people who developed the GMA3600 and licensed the chip to Intel) as they say it is Intel's responsibilty.


      I urge people in need or these drivers to share your thoughts and show Intel that we need these drivers to use our netbooks.


      -Sam,26 interg

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