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    RSTCLI Smart Response Technology




      May be this is not the righest area for this question but it's the only about about storage.

      I've a computer , HP 9470m, with a 32GB Flash Cache and a 500Gb hard disk. They were configured for Intel Smart Response Technology and Intel Rapid Start technology. This configuration was done at HP Factory.

      Now I was trying to use the intel utility RSTCLI or RSTCLI64, depending of the OS , but when I execute , in a CMD prompt Windows of Windows 7 64bit or in WinPE 32 bit, the command rstcli.exe I always get the message "could not get system information" and "Could not get system info" and "1" , in 3 different lines.

      If in Windows 7 I start the Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) GUI , I see the flash cache and the disk and I can configure the SRT in this way.

      My goal is to find a way the configure the intel RST from a bacth file in WinPE.


      I put the request here because a standard SSD can be used as a cache device for a standard HDD.


      Do some of you ever tryed this utility that can be downloaded from Intel Download center ?

      the file name is RSTCLI11_7_1013_CLI_Tools.zip.


      Many Thanks