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    How to reset BIOS to defaults on Intel 2U R2308GZ4GC


      I have disabled USB ports in BIOS on my R2308GZ4GC and now I have problems with my keyboard support in my RMM4, when using JViewer. I suspect the keyboard stopped working just because of that (disabling USB) as before my IP-KVM worked just perfectly.


      I can load in to my OS properly and can connect to my BMC over IP in a browser/SSH but I can't use keyboard on that Java applet (JViewer) to control my server.


      Besides everything on event log in my BMC, I have the following error: "Error. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Serial port component was not detected -Major ,,,,,,Serial port component encountered a resource conflict error -Major - Asserted"

      I have two questions:


      1. How to reset BIOS to defaults using Linux OS or BMC panel / BMC SSH.

      2. What does that error above relates to / means?


      Thanks in advance,