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    DP45SG Raid Setup Issue


      I built a new computer using the Intel DP45SG board. On my old system I used two 500GB hard drives configured as a Raid1 mirror. I wast able to move the mirrored drives over to the Intel Board. I set one of them up as a single drive. Unfortunately there was NO WAY to import the other drive. My only alternative was to configure the two drives as a mirror and have all the data blown away. I went out and purchased a third 500GB hard drive and ghosted a copy to it. I verified it was bootable and working 100%. I set it aside as a backup then created a Raid1 mirror with my other two drives using the sata0 and sata2 ports.


      Now to the issue:


      I have the Raid1 mirror and the backup drive on sata1. The backup drive will not boot now ( I verified functionality before I created the Raid1 mirror) It shows a windows splash screen for a second then reboots. I disconnected the raid disks and the same thing occurs. I removed the backup drive and connected the Raid1 mirror... then tried to start a WinXP reload. I pressed F6 and specified a raid driver but have had no luck. There is a list of 6-8 choices and no matter which one I pick, the computer eventually gives a blue screen error...


      Do I have a defective board or what?