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    I7-950 "Locked"


      I am needing some assistance in getting my Ram up to proper speed or close to what it suppose to be running at.


      I have 12gb Corsair Dominator GT Triple Channel 2000Mhz and V-ram 6gb Triple Channel that totals up to 18gb of Ram. Since my processor is locked it only show 1066Mhz when the computer boots up. I am looking for assistance in setting the proper Ram frequency so that I can get as close to my max Mhz as the CPU allows.


      I lost some money because I didn't realize that I7-950 processor is locked and actually had to find out the hard way when the time for return was past due, when I had a glimps at the boot information and noticing it was clocked at 1066mhz instead of what I purchased the Ram speed for. By this time it was already too late.


      Also, being clocked at 1066, does it actually lowers the speed of my Ram?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Hello Thomas,


          Please note that the memory controller hub was started to be integrated in the processor starting from this generation of processors; reason why it down clock the memory to match the speed of it. For this reason, if you force the bus to increase the speed to work up to 2000MHZ it may reduce the lifetime of your processor and also it could damaged the CPU.


          Our recommendation is get a memory set that fully complies with the specifications supported by your processor.


          You may want to check this link:




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            Thanks for the reply Freddy.


            Here's my other concern. Why do I have a motherboard : p6x58d-e that has LGA 1366 socket which only seats Intel processors and this motherboard supports 2000mhz Ram. That being said why does it have a feature that cant be supported by Intel processors that are currently out? Is it just a gimmick to lure people like me that are not up to date with technology? I7-950 processor that I have isn't cheap and quite expensive on the market. I hate overclocking because I know that it shortens the life span of the hardware so I go out and spend lots of money that is top of the line performance and only to get something that is restricted to its own technology!

            If anyone can clear what I said up that would be great.


            Last thing I wanted to add to this is that I usually buy my own parts and built systems myself but since I was far behind on technology I had my system prebuilt from IBuyPower.com. Which is my last mistake in doing. They supposedly do Burn-in testing before shipping out the product but all I got was a crashing system but I fixed it with upgrades of my own.


            Once again thanks for the reply in advance.