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    Intel GMA965 in Dell Studio Hybrid  -  no 1440x900 mode listed.


      I have a Dell Studio Hybrid and a Samsung 923NW 1440x900 LCD monitor I have downloaded the monitor driver and the special intel driver that is described as supporting these widescreen modes ( the file is winvista_15124bb) but there is still no 1440x900 mode listed, any ideas or links to a working driver would be very much appreciated as the scrunched text running in the wrong mode is quite nasty to read..

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          In case anyone else has the same problem it turns out that you can add video modes to the intel driver before you install it by editing the config file (this is not my idea I just googled it) It seems much more like a thing that typical Linux users might do than typical Vista users; but never mind here you go:-


          Uninstall the driver so you are back in VGA mode.

          Edit the Kit17065 file in the graphics folder using notepad.

          Find the [NonEDIDMode section


          Replace the contents with this:-


          HKR,, TotalDTDCount, %REG_DWORD%, 1  
          ; This shows number of DTDs to be used.
          ; 0-->Disable the feature.;Following keys have 20 bytes (18 byte DTD + 2 Byte flags).
          HKR,, DTD_1,%REG_BINARY%, 97,29,A0,D0,51,84,20,30,50,98,3,00,00,00,00,00,00,1C,27,00     ;1440x900@60...Progressive

          Save the file; reinstall the Intel driver; reboot and you can set your mode to 1440x900


          Google [NonEDIDMode_AddSwSettings] if you want to thank the original people who described how to do this.


          This works and is tested on my SyncMaster 923nw.