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    Touch Screen with Vesa Mount on rear


      Has anybody found a decent 24"/27" touch screen that can take the Nuc mounted on the rear using its Vesa plate?

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          Much as I hate to bump any topic......surely somebody has been able to make use of the VESA mount enclosed in the Kit? What a great Win 8 Touch solution!

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            Let me try to find some information for you. I will keep you post.


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              VESA Brackets and the Mounting Holes on the back of displays are standardized across the industry. We do not have a specific brand of display that we would recommend. What we would suggest is that you find a touch display that will fit the needs for your use that you are looking for, as the VESA bracket will be able to attach as long as the display has the mounting holes on the backside.



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                Just so you don't waste your time. We have just researched ALL currently available touch screens and can confirm that there is currently NO touch screen on the market that has both a VESA Mount AND stand on the back of them.


                Please don't waste your time looking. There a few screens that have a VESA mount on the back BUT you have to remove the stand to use it.....which kind of defeats the purpose. The ACER screen used in the Intel promo is NOT a touch screen.


                I don't know who Sylvia_intel is but she had no right to declare this question answered. The NUC community is currently a relatively small group who do their best to help each other out. As a result of Sylvia_intel's answer above we spent another three days researching and writing to manufacturers.


                Clearly Intel discovered that no such monitor currently exists and chose BS as the best way to deal with it rather than simply say that no monitors exist as yet.


                Please remove the Answer star from Sylvia_intel's message.

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                  Hello crhendo,


                  I apologize for the delay in responding to your original question.  You are correct in that most touch screens use the VESA mounting holes for their monitor stands. But, I have found a few that have the VESA mount capability that will allow you to attach a NUC:


                  Planar Helium Series PCT2785 (27") and PCT2485 (24")

                  Acer T232HL bmidz (23" - a bit smaller than you were looking for)


                  We have the PCT2785 set up in one of our labs running WIndows 8 and it looks pretty good. Planar has quite a large selection so may have more models.



                  Lois H.