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    Intel GMA 3600 Installation Error

    Sean Francis

      Hi guys, this is just my first post here so please do not be angry about my questions.


      I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit in my Samsung netbook computer. I installed all the drivers the Samsung provided me except Intel GMA 3600. So, I downloaded the lacking driver from the Intel Download Center but when I ran the Setup, an error message appeared saying "The system did not reached the minimum system requirements.". How will I fix this error? Please help me.


      My System Specs:

      - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

      - Intel Atom N2100 at 1.6 GHz

      - 1 GB RAM but I added virtual memory for a few gigabytes.

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          Kory Hansen

          Wha? The N2100 actually exists?

          Anyway, Intel won't provide any drivers for anything other than Win7 32-bit. Until Intel decides to release drivers for Win7 64-bit or Win8, you're out of luck.


          You might try installing the driver through Device Manager the manual way (looking for the proper .inf file).

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            Hello Sean Francis,


            I understand you are having problems to get a driver for the GMA 3600 for your system.


            We have a driver available for your graphics controller at this point; however, the driver is available for Windows* 7 32 bit only.


            The reason why you are getting the error message is that the driver you downloaded from our side is for Windows* 7 32 bit and the operating system installed in your computer is Windows* 7 64 bit.


            From our side this is the only driver that is available at this point but you can check with the system manufacturer (OEM) if they have a driver available for Windows* 7 64 bit specifically for your computer.


            Just in case, here is their contact information:



            Phone Support: 800-726-7864



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              It is strange that Intel does not share the below driver that was developed in 2011: driver Beta 5. Search with google, there are plenty of mirrors available. I found it at this site:




              I bought an Acer n270 that came with Intel's GMA 3600 video card, once I upgraded I found that there was no support from Intel for a 64 bit OS on this series of cards. There are countless Intel and Acer support threads with customers begging for information on how to resolve this, and all the response they get is "install 32-bit OS"...


              This is my first post on a support site, as I feel compelled to share what I have learned with others with the similar problem. It is inexplicable to me that this driver was already developed and Intel is not sharing it!

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                Well, it's a beta driver that has never been finalized, and that will never be updated (and I hope for you that I will be proven wrong) .


                So it' probably full of bugs (yeah, so are the other drivers) and worse, maybe malfunctioning (well, I should say functioning worse than finalized drivers).


                All in all, if it's working for you, you're good ! Do not hesitate to post feedback so other users will know what the driver is worth.

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                  Station-Drivers - Intel (Chipset)



                  I found this site with the drive of Atom z2760 (clove trail) and i saw that
                  the drive has de same names but i can´t install them.



                  Can someone mod this drive to work on GMA3600?



                  sorry for my english!!!