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    DZ77RE-75K: Primary PCIe not detecting video card


      I have trouble on my video card/motherboard that my monitor doesn't detect any signal during boot-up. Can some PC expert help me on this? I really don't know what the problem is after a series of testing.


      PC components:

      Intel i7-3770K


      Intel SSD hard drive 520

      PowerColor 7870 Myst PCIe 3.0

      850Watt PSU (should be enough)xi

      Windows 7 Professional


      My motherboard comes with two PCIe x16 slots, and one of them is x8 electrical. When I first install it, I put my video card in the x8 electrical slot and it works fine except the graphic isn't that great. I soon figure out that I should use the primary slot instead of x8 electrical slot. After switch the card into the right place, the monitor doesn't detect any signal. I have tried to configure the BIOs as booting PCIe (PGE) first and disable the on-board video card (I tried a lot of setting). The card is still not showing up, so I think it might cause by failure PCIe slot. Then, I install my old PCIe 2.0 card onto the primary slot and it works. I re-boot several times to verify this primary slot is working.

      Just one try, I delete the driver of my new card in hardware manager under Windows then put my new card back on. Magically it works. So I shut off my computer, put every in place and close my case..... The nightmare comes again... When I try to turn on again, the monitor now doesn't detect any signal... I login using on-board video and check the pre-install driver of my new card and it's not there. Now, I don't know what should I do? Does anyone have solution for this problem? Thank you...

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          According to the information provided, you are experiencing a compatibility issue with the new card you have. Here are our recommendations:


          - Test a different brand of card to narrow the issue. If the PCI Express* slot is detecting a different card then we can assume it is not defective.


          - Make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware update for the new card. Remove any unnecessary drivers from programs and features to avoid driver conflicts that will prevent the system to recognize the card properly


            -Ensure your power supply is sufficient to run the card. We recommend 500W or higher.

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            Thank you for taking your time to answer my problem. I have stated all my testing related to your answer and it seems the problem remain unsolved. My questions to you is that if the problem really comes to the compatibility issue

            1) why the card is working on the secondary instead of the primary? I thought they're sharing same video controller on CPU (just different in pipeline). Also, if I know it correctly, the PCIe secondary (8x electrical) goes through the PCIe switch which turn the crossfire on/off. Does you think the problem may come from that point?


            2) Again, if the problem is the compatibility issue, will Intel update/fix this problem in future? Is there any place I can report it so they will investigate a resolution in next BIOS update?


            Respond to your answer,

            - Yes, I did test the PCIe x16 primary slot with my old HD4670 and the result comes out to be fine.


            - If I plug the new card(HD7870) in, the booting screen doesn't even show up. Also, I have stay the HD7870 in the slot and using the on-board HDMI to check the BIO. The BIO show that it does even detect this device in the slot. If I re-slot it to the secondary (8x electrical), it will show up.


            In addition, I have tried both with and without the video card driver pre-installed before booting up. The thing is the motherboard doesn't even detect the device.


            - My power supply is at 850W so I think it's enough to power up the system.