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    GM965 Chipset with Dual Display Issue


      I have a compaq notebook that uses the GM965 graphic chipset.  I have a docking station with both DVI and VGA outputs.  What I would like to do is be able to run two external monitors (one DVI, one VGA, although I would be using a VGA (on Dock end) to DVI (Monitor end) for one of the ports), extending my desktop to the second external monitor.


      Issue is that no matter what I do, it seems like one of my monitors MUST be the notebook's own display, near as I can tell.  Is there something I am doing wrong?  Would really like to use two external monitors due to the large spreadsheets, etc, I work with daily.


      Thanks for any suggestions/advice!



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          I have had this issue as well when i use vista on my mac via bootcamp. I had to go into the hardware settings to and mess with the way the computer uses the monitor. look through the OS settings and the graphics settings to see if you could get it working. if you mess around with is a little while you should be able to add that monitor as a second screen instead of its own screen.

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            Thanks for your reply!  First one ever!  I am kind of surprised that no one from Intel monitors these groups and helps respond.


            I am thinking I have dug pretty much through every permutation of settings, even looking at BIOS settings, but all to no avail.  but it sure seems strange that you cannot do this.




            But thanks again!!!!