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    hm65 maximum memory speed

    Igor Florencio

      Hello all!    


      Does hm65 chipset supports 1600mhz ram? m


      Thank you very much for helping!

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          Hello Igor Florencio,


          Please note that the HM65 Chipset is a mobile chipset. From Intel® side all 6 series chipsets support 1600MHz of Ram speed. However, this can change based on the system manufacturer decisions.


          This is because we provide the hardware to the system manufacturers like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, etc… and they will create the software and also they have the possibility to set limitations in the hardware like the memory speed support.


          As mentioned before, from our side the 6 series chipsets support up to 1600Mhz speed but to know exactly if a mobile chipset supports this, is necessary to confirm with the EOM or system manufacturer of the mobile product if exist any limitation on memory speed.


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            Igor Florencio



            Thank you very much for awnsering my question. You were very clear and gave a complete awnser.