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    Intel DH55HC and WD 3TB WD30EZRX compatibility


      Hi there,


      When I plug my new hard drive (WD WD30EZRX) on my still fresh Intel DH55HC mother board, the mother board does not seem to recognize it (not installed in BIOS does not sounds good).


      When the HD is plugged on one of the SATA (or eSATA) plugs, the BIOS stay frozen at boot during a long period and do not recognize the HD.


      I've upgraded the BIOS to the last version I could find on this site (version 0048), which did not correct the problem. I've also tried to enable the 'boot UEFI OS' option in the BIOS, in which case the BIOS still freeze at boot during 40 seconds, do not recognize the HD and then do not load my OS.


      Is there a way to make the mother board recognize the HDD or should I finish her since it already has 3 years ? It is so old, I have to let it go now :-(.


      I do not plan to use this HD for the boot partition, I just need a bit more available storage.