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    I3 2120 CPU video problems


      I have a dell 2320 all in one that I bought broke off eBay. When I got it it had no internal video just video on the VGA out. I purchased a new backlight controller and LCD but still have no video. When purchased it was dropped and one of the touch sensor was broke off the monitor and just hanging free, not sure if it shorted anything. I have tried another motherboard also with no results. Just about the only thing left is the cpu and from my understanding the video is built into it. Could the CPU be putting out video to the external output but no internal video. I am just at may wits end with it. Thanks for any help you can provide. Michael

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Hello Michael,


          Due to the fact that you have an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system; our suggestion will be getting in contact with the system builder to confirm if the integrated graphics of your processor were enabled, or if another graphics controller was added to your system to handle video display.


          Based on the CPU specifications it comes with Intel® HD Graphics 2000, but in case an external video card was added to the system, they will be automatically disabled.