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    S5520 poor raid performance




      We have current situation

      Intel S5520UR with latest raid, bios , uefi updates. Raid is integrated LSI SAS1078

      There are 6 Sata x 2 TB HDD with RAID 1(2 TB, WinOS) and raid10(4 TB, Data).


      At the moment there are windows server 2012 GUI with hyper-v installed ant there are 5 virtual servers installed

      on 4 TB (raid10) drive, and the problem is that HDD performance is crappy.

      Highest active time is often 100%, and response time for VHD files is around 30-50.

      As i see, there are no drivers for S5520UR for windows server 2012, so it uses integrated win drivers.

      One idea is to enable HW raid adding

      1) Activation Key: AXXRAKSAS2

      2) Memory: AXXMINIDIMM512.

      or reinstall using windows 2008, which has all the drivers.


      Will i gain any noticeable performance if i enable HW raid over SW raid ?