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    Problems with HD 2500 graphics and ACER PD726W beamer


      System: No noise HTPC Windows 8 64bit, i5-3570T CPU, 8 GB RAM, Driver, MB Asrock Intel -Z77-itx.

      Connecting the system to a Acer PD726W Beamer results in extremely wrong colors not depending on the line used (DVI, HDMI, VGA). Calibration (with Intel tools and SpyderDatacolor) not possible. Different flatscreens show excellent videosignal. Beamer works normal with other computers.

      Question: Does anybody has similar problems and knows how to solve them?

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          Hi wopius,


          Sorry for the delayed response - but can you provide me more information about your configuration?  Are you connecting directly from your system to the projector, or is it going through a 3rd-party device such as an AV/R or KVM?  Are there any adapters/dongles being used?


          When you say the wrong colors are used depending on the connection, can you provide more detail on what the colors and/or other symptoms are per connection type?


          Lastly, can you provide a copy of your dxdiag? (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).


          Thank you,