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    Tomb Raider (2013) water glitched (most likely Dx11 related)


      I just got this game to play on my i5-3570k Desktop PC, which uses a Intel HD 4000 VGA. The game runs at high settings at stable 30 fps or more so it's perfectly playable so far. The only problem that I found was that the water is glitched. It has a very weird flickering black blocks on it and I dont know how to fix it. I have latest Intel Graphics drivers installed but the problem is still there (I was hoping that April update would fix this ). Here's a screen with the problem:




      Does anyone know a way to fix this? Or why does it happen? Like I said in the title, the game uses DirectX 11 and Intel HD 4000 should be 100% compatible with it unless I'm wrong. I run the game on Windows 7 64-bit Pro.


      Thanks for reading and for your help.