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    WDM.exe crashes during and after updating Intel Graphics HD 4000 drivers (to Version


      Well...i found a curious behaviour when i update my Intel graphics 4000 on my notebook. I'll list my setup:

      - Manufacturer: ASUS N46VM (R401V for Latin America)

      - CPU: Intel Core i5 3210m

      - GPU: Intel HD 4000 + nvidia GT3630m (Intel as main GPU)

      - RAM: 8GB

      - Wireless: (Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 2230)

      -OS: Windows 7 x64

      -Drivers version: Intel HD 4000 [Before installing new troublesome driver] + Nvidia 314.22 (Current)


      Well...the thing is that today i decided to take a look for updates for my Intel components via Intel Driver Update Utility. I found Updates for the GPU (Version and Wireless networking , i downloaded them and proceed to update. Wireless Connections installation were successful. Then i proceed to install the Intel HD drivers. Everything goes apparently normal but before finishing, the screen goes black for a while, then cursor appears and everything goess back normally, except the Aero functionality...it has gone and an error window appears, saying the following:

      DWM part 1.png

      Translation: Desktop Window Manager stopped working...Windows is searching a solution for the problem.

      and This:

      dwm part 2.png

      Translation: Desktop Window Manager stopped working and closed.

      A problem caused the application stopped working. Windows will notify you if a solution is available.

      I thought that was normal...so i decided to restart my computer...well...it started slower, took some time to appear the desktop and the problem appeared, popping up the second window error.

      I was curious, i went to the Event viewer and i find some error logs related to DWM.exe...this is the latest report (copied from "details" tab and "descriptive" format, since "general" tab shows everything in localized language...in my case, Spanish)



      [ Name]Application Error




      [ Qualifiers]0


      [ SystemTime]2013-04-08T03:55:33.000000000Z




      - Notes:

      - The previous driver i was using was the version [].

      - Tried to manually stop and restart the Desktop Window Manager service from "Services.msc"...FAILED...error appears, no Aero.

      - Restored the system to a healthy point...everything went back normally.

      - Once started in safe mode, i proceed to Uninstall the previous Driver via Device Manager...system asked me to restart, i did it, entering again into safe mode to install the newer driver...then i restart to normal...same error.


      - I've been using the generic drivers from this website and i haven't gotten problems except today.


      My question would be:

      What am i doing wrong?


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      P.S.: Added Driver version information (specially nvidia one)