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    DG33TL & Q6600 - trouble installing 64-bit Windows?


      I have installed Microsoft's 32-bit Windows 7 (RC) on my home systems - an Intel DG33TL, Q6600, 4GB of 800Mhz RAM.  My system rates a 4.2 on the "Windows Experience Index".  I am having difficulty installing the 64-bit Windows 7 (RC).  I downloaded the 64-bit .iso and burned it to a DVD and verfied the burn.  When I double-click the setup file from within my 32-bit O/S I get an error message that says 'The version of the file is incompatible with the version of the OS..."  So then I restart my system and attempt to boot straight from the DVD ROM.  My system prints a "1. <CR> 2. <CR> and then asks which CD-ROM version do I want to boot to.  Options 1 & 2 are blank and I'm asked to choose between them.  The last time I choose 2 and my system froze.



      1.)  Am I wasting my time?  Is either the DG33TL or the Q6600 compatible with 32-bit O/Ss only?

      2.)  If the answer to #1 is NO.  Then can you think of what I'm doing wrong?