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    New Win8 Intel Graphics 4000 Driver Vs. Visual Studio 2010/2012

    Koray Cayiroglu



      I have a very interesting problem. My notebook is a Hp EliteBook 8570p with Windows 8 Pro installed and i am a software developer using Visual Studio.


      There is something wrong with my VS.NET HtmlEditor which is when a mouse click event happens in any where it makes something loads constantly. For every click, makes my mouse icon progress and visual studio froze for a second.


      It makes me so mad so i reinstall windows 8 and vs.net and see that everyhing is fine until a new driver update comes with windows update. After i update my Intel Graphics 4000 Win8 driver to latest version it makes my Vs.Net Html Editöre can not be used. When i uninstall this driver everything works fine but there is an another catch. Which is the previos driver makes Win8 crashes 2-3 times a day.

      So, old driver makes win8 crash, new driver makes vs.net html editor useless.

      What is this none-sense about?