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    Correct processor for Server Board S3210SHLC




      I have a server board S3210SHLC with 8GB memory that will be running Windows Web Server 2008.


      Would a processor with hyper-threading technology make sense or am I just wasting my money?


      I was looking at the x3320 processor but that does not support hyper-threading.  The W3570 process does support hyper-threading but that cost is about $700 more; much more than I wanted to spend.


      Also, does anyone know if the OS (windows web server 2008) and the server board (S3210SHLC) supports hyper-threading?  Or am I just wasting my time researching.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Hi there,


          I am sending you the Tested CPU List as Reference:

          Website: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/S3200SH/sb/CS-028293.htm


          For CPU features, check on this website:



          Now regarding whether the bios Processor features available for this board. See picture below:




          Hope this helps a bit.


          Kind Regards,


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            Thanks for the information.


            I just find it hard to search/research intel's site for a process that

            1.  Works with the board (S3210SHLC) and chip set I have

            2.  Has hyper-treading

            3.  Has ball-park pricing


            Just wish there was a way to instruct the intel web site to show me the all of the processors that support above and sort by price.  The way it is now is so time consuming and I still may be missing something.

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              Hi there,


              I understand what you mean. But anyway feel free to ask us any questions, we will try our best to guide to your answer.


              All the best,


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                I did find an intel tool that helped with finding a processor http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ParentRadio=528%2C2121%2C&ProcFam=528&SearchKey= (would have been nice to have server board selection/filter as well as part of the tool) and it turns out that NO processor that has hyper-threading will work with server board S3210SHLC.  So I'm out of luck.


                Actually, after looking at the resulting server processors that support hyper-threading I did not see processor W3520 which does support hyper-threading which I thought was a server processor.





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                  Hi Drgto,


                  Actually, I used processorfinder earlier, but now i prefer to use ark.intel.com as it provides much more information and is always updated.


                  To be honest, i even use ark.intel.com to find information on a particular motherboard.


                  For example if i need to look for information on an intel motherboard,

                  I look for the MCH and ICH from the Technical Product Specifications.

                  And then i look for the features in ark.intel.com (browse by chipset or search for ich model like 82891jb)

                  Good thing is that you can compare the features.


                  Yes, it would have been great to have a tool for everything. I made a tool long time ago for brief features of all server boards. I will post it later. But there is no cpu information in it.




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                    W3570 isn't supported on the s3210sh board. this procesor has different socket and architecture. this board doesn't support any processor that support hyperthreading.

                    (btw, are you planning to use Web server 2008 x64 or 32 bit?, because the 32 bit version only supports 4GB of memory).



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                      It was a long pah but yes I did finally learn that thw W3570 does not work on my board.  Actually trying to work backwards from the W3570 was difficlut as well to see what board supported the W3570 thinking I would change boards but Intel did not make that task easy either.  However, I did manage to find out the W3570 is a workstation processor (hance the 'w') and not a server processor and therefore does not support Windows web server 2008.


                      Yet, I installed the 64bit version with RAID enabled in a mirror mode and all almost works with the original process I purchased E7400 but having minor problems and it the reason I was looking for a XEON processor to replace.  I'm going with the X3320 processor because it works with my S3210SHLC board and supports VT as well.


                      Do you happen to know if I will need to rebuild my OS and RAID after swapping the processors from E7400 to X3320?



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                        wheteher the W3570 processor is marketed as a workstation processor has nothing to do whether it would support windows 2008 or not. It doesn't matter if a processor is workstation or not. The biggest problem is that the processor isn't compatible with the board.


                        replacing the processor on this board will have NO effect on the raid. you will have to reupdate a firmware on the board which is called the SDR. (or reupdate all the board's firmware if you want).