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    Graphics Card Issue


      I have an i7 3930k running on a DX79TO motherboard.


      Does this chip enable PCIE 3.0 support on the DX79TO motheboard.


      The motherboard needs a compatible processor with 3.0 functionality and that is not listed on the i7 3930k specs page.


      My question is because I want to purchase a Radeon HD7870XT card that uses PCIE 3.0x16



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          Hello Joe,


          We would like to inform you that the processor i7 3930k will enable support for PCI Express revision 2.0. Since PCIE 3.0 is backwards compatible with PCIE 2.0 it should work fine. We recommend confirming compatibility with the card manufacturer as well but according to the information provided, the card will work properly on the board disregarding the PCI revision for the processor.