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    Periodically getting "network cable unplugged" error on DZ77GA-70K after booting.


      Every so often when I boot my computer after a shutdown get the network cable unplugged notification on the primary LAN port (82579V) even though the cable is still fine. This only happens when the computer first starts and can be addressed by either unplug/replugging the cable or disable/reenabling the network adapter. It will then work perfect for the duration of the computer being on, and might even be fine after my next shutdown and fresh boot. It seems completely random.


      I thought it might have been a problem with Fastboot on Windows 8 causing some kind of issue with the device, but even with that disabled it still occurs. It has happened off and on since I got the motherboard, through multiple bios/lan driver versions (currently 0064 and This is little more than a minor annoyance every now and then, but it still shouldn't happen.


      Has anyone else experienced something like this with this board or any similar to it?