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    DX79TO And PCIE 3.0


      Hello All,


      I am using a DX79TO with an i7 3930k.


      I want to purchase a Radeon HD7870XT and that card uses PCIE 3.0.


      The box of my DX79TO has an * by the PCIE 3.0 saying it would work with processor that supports PCIE 3.0.


      So would the i73930k enable PCIE 3.0 support on this board.



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          Hello warpspeed,

          The motherboard will work at PCI Express* 16x revision 3.0 bus speeds when using a third generation processor.

          In your case, the processor will support the PCI Express* 16x revision 3.0.


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            Your answer was rather confusing.So does it or does it not support PCIEx16 3.0



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              Ziad Aghar

              With all do respect to Victor "I've read his post & that guy is a guru when it comes to MBs". However, there is no 3rd Generation processor for that specific board yet. It's LGA 2011 & currently supports the Intel i7 2nd Gen. processors only.


              As to warspeeed's question.

              No Your card will work in PCIE 2.0

              Nvidia has released a fix to force enable the card to run in PCIE Gen. 3.0. I don't know if it's there is one for the Radeon cards.

              PLS note that you will not see any performance difference between Gen. 2.0 & Gen 3.0 using that specific card you mentioned.

              Unless you are using a very high end card with a dual GPU like the GTX 690 you will not loose any performance. PCIE Gen. 3.0 isn't being fully utilized, even with high-end Cards.


              Pls don't hesitate if you need more advice or any information

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                Ziad Aghar

                Well it's not a simple yes or no answer.

                However, to answer your question:


                Officially at the moment, due to the CPU limitation your board will NOT support PCIE 3.0

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                  Why is it printed on the board saying that it will be enabled with a processor supporting it if IB-E is not even going to be a LGA 2011 chip.


                  It is just misleading.

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                    Its not that is a cheap CPU.Why is it then a limitation.This can easily be implemented via a BIOS update.


                    I feel Intel owes us(the customers) this.The CPU does support the bandwidth needed.

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                      Can we expect an official fix in a further BIOS update?


                      That would be the best solution for the problem.

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                        The support of PCIe 3.0 it not something that can be simply added with a BIOS update as it is set by the electronic design.


                        So far there are no plans to release processor models supporting PCIe 3.0 to work with the X79 chipset based motherboards.

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                          Ziad Aghar

                          Dear Sylvia,

                          The processors on LGA 2011 do support the PCIE Gen 3.0 but not out of the box.

                          I am able to run my two 680 GTX in Gen 3.0 using the Nvidia Force enable... & with a few tweaks I was able to run my LSI Mustang RAID card on Gen. 3.0


                          On DX79SI


                          Why Intel in their infinite wisdom decided to disable the PCIE 3.0, I don't know!! Maybe, they are planning for something in the future "e.g. Ivy Bridge-E which we can have those processors on our boards via a BIOS update"

                          Just maybe....

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                            Then why does the motherboard box state that PCIE 3.0 will be supported with a compatible processor?


                            If Nvidia can force this board to work at 3.0 why can't Intel release a fix officially, when the board does have the necessary bandwidth to support this functionality?

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                              Ziad Aghar

                              Dear warpspeed,

                              If you are worried about the performance of the GFX card you mentioned. Trust me there will be no compromise in performance what so ever.

                              Maybe this link will help:

                              AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB Review - Page 21


                              PS    If you are going to buy a new GFX card I strongly advise you to buy the Nvidia 680 or the 670 "if you are on a budget". You spent a good amount on your CPU, I don't know about your other configs; so you might go ahead with a good compatible GPU.


                              Word of advice don't' go for the ASUS cards as there are some incompatibility when it comes to the BIOS of the Intel manufactered X79 boards & the BIOS of the NEW ASUS GFX cards

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                                My question(problem) is simple.Does the DX79TO support PCIE 3.0 or does it not.


                                If it does not then why does the packaging say that it will.


                                If Nvidia can force it to work with SB-E why can't intel issue a bios update that enables it.


                                This is a high end Cpu.I think people who have purchased the components deserve to enjoy the benefits of an official fix.

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                                  Hello Warpspeed,


                                  We escalated the case to our engineers department. I would have an update very soon.

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                                    Thank Mike_Intel for a positive reply.I hope this can be natively enabled since it obviously can be forced.


                                    Please keep the thread updated so we know what kind of work is being done with regards to this problem.


                                    Thanks again.

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