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    DZ68ZV Motherboard error "iE" ???

    Scot Hunt

      Anyone familiar with a Code of "ie" on motherboard when attempting to power up ? - New motherboard  - DZ68ZV with a i5 3470 , 16 gig of Corsair memory (2x8). Acts like its going to boot, The "iE" immediately comes up, runs for about 12-15 seconds then shuts down then after 5-6 seconds attempts to restart with same result. I

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          I guess you are asking coz the error cod is not in the small booklet which come with the board. I think what its doing is known as power cycling. you might want to check if the bios the board shipped with is compatible with 3rd generation CPU the i5-3470 that you bought. To check without having to go in the bios simply check the board version on the packaging or the board it self a sticker with AA number also known as part number, cross check the number with the 3rd gen ready BIOS list of the DZ68ZV in Intel website


          Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool - Search Results Page


          You need to be on BIOS 2161 for the 3rd generation CPU to work.

          if you are on a lesser bios version you will need a 2nd gen cpu to boot the board and then download the necessary file eg .BIO file and put it in a USB flash drive then flash using F7 or recovery method check manual or Intel website on how to perform the BIOS update


          Or if the board is 3rd  gen ready, you might want to change your Power Supply it might not be compatible with it.