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    Intel Graphics Family and gaming (Mass Effect)





      I've recently bought a new laptop with a graphic card Intel Graphics Family. I've already experienced some issues while playing games, but they were so minor that I haven't even bothered. All of games I have installed are old (released around year 2000), but I'd also like to play Mass Effect, which is a newer game comparing to the ones I installed.



      Everytime I open menu in the game (ESC), I get this message that igdumd32.dll is missing or not functioning, with addition of these numbers - 0x53dc570, 0x53e1e00, 0x53db0c4, 0x53e1b35. I've searched the problem on the internet and it's quite common on computers with weak graphic cards. BUT - some of the people found a solution, which is simply updating or downgrading the card. I just couldn't find the one that fits mine.



      My question is - do you know whether I am able to play Mass Effect with this graphic card? Or should I give up?



      The laptop is Toshiba Portege Z830 (Win 7 64-bit pro), highly portable with 6gb of RAM, but simply not made for gaming. Still, I'd like to try.



      I hope you can help me. (and sorry for my naive attitude! I really love Mass Effect and I want to try everything before giving up)