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    RST mis-identified my new secondary SSD?


      I am very uneducated in this subject, and may be in over my head, but here it goes anyway...


      I just unboxed my brand new Dell Latitude e6430 ATG running 7 with an internal 120GB SSD.  I setup the laptop the way I like it running all the desired programs, but needed more space so I thought I would be smart and install a second 360GB SSD in the optical bay (since I rarely use the CD/DVD).  Now I do not have access to the new drive.


      Here are the steps I have completed so far...

      1. I physically installed new SSD into bay and into pc, and booted up.
      2. IRST automatically started and this is what popped up:
      3. rst.jpg
      4. I checked BIOS and a 360GB shows up in the "Modular Bay Drive."  It does not show up in Disk Management under Computer Management so I cant format or assign a drive.  Volume 0000 shows up under Device Manager --> Disk Drives, but this is only my C and Recovery.


      I have rebooted a dozen times, tried to update storage controller drivers.  Anything I could think of.


      Do you guys have any thoughts?