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    BIOS waits for keyboard input with no keyboard

    Paul DeRocco

      I'd like to use the DN2800MT mobo in an embedded application. The one problem which could be fatal is that no matter how I configure it, there are conditions in which the BIOS will put up an error message and wait for user input, even if there is no keyboard connected. I'm not talking about the "A bootable device has not been detected error." That's fatal anyway. I'm talking about things like this:


      The previous boot attempt failed.

      Would you like to restore Fast Boot on the next boot? (Y/N)


      Hitting reset results in the same message. Turning the power off and on again results in the same message. There is NO WAY that I can find to recover from this without plugging in a keyboard. (And of course, plugging in a monitor, so that you know why the system is just sitting there like an expensive brick.)


      What can cause this to happen? Simple: interrupting the power at the point where the BIOS is about to try to load boot code from the boot device. This is something that can happen in the real world, in the course of general fiddling with the thing, for instance by turning the power on, and then kicking out the power cable by accident.


      The BIOS obviously knows whether there is a keyboard connected: it only supports a USB keyboard. So why would it wait for input from a non-existent device?


      I downloaded the tool for configuring the BIOS, hoping that there would be an option in there, but it only seems to give access to the same options that one gets in the BIOS screens themselves. Is there really no solution to this? I can't have people sending a unit back for service just because the BIOS is stuck in Stupid Mode.

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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi Paul,


          Please bear in mind that the nature of the system you have is to work with normal peripherals (keyboard and mouse), so for that reason there are no settings in the BIOS to disable these messages at the time the motherboard is booting up.


          But since you will like to use it as an embedded application, we will try to find a solution for you.


          As soon as we have the resolution we will post it here.


          Thanks for your understanding.

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            Paul DeRocco

            Thanks. There is a disclaimer at the start of the Tech Product Spec that says "The suitability of this product for other PC or embedded non-PC applications or other environments ... may not be supported without further evaluation by Intel." On the other hand, 3.7.3 says "For use in embedded applications, the BIOS has been designed so that after passing the POST, the operating system loader is invoked even if the following devices are not present: Video adapter; Keyboard; Mouse". So it's obvious that embedded apps are contemplated for this board, and the latter statement isn't technically true given this failure mode.


            I would think that assuming a default response if the keyboard is missing would be a few lines of code to add to the BIOS. It seems like a sensible tweak that wouldn't break anything else, so it doesn't need a menu option to enable or disable it. Fortunately, I won't be shipping my product for a while, so, hopefully, in the meantime, this can be incorporated into a BIOS revision. It probably makes sense for all boards, or at least all the Mini-ITX ones that are likely to be used in embedded apps.

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              I am just wondering how Intel is going with this fix? As we are currently in the same boat as Paul. We have disabled the fast boot settings within bios and have no keyboard attached. When the systems loses power every now and again, not all the time the Bios will hang on the

              Would you like to restore Fast Boot on the next boot? (Y/N).  We have to plug a keyboard in and resolve the issue.


              I have updated to latest bios hoping this would fix the issue, so we will wait and see.