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    Intel Core i7 3970X problem


      In December I bought an Intel Core i7 3970X, for my system consists of a motherboard EVGA X79 Classified, 4x4 Gb RAM Corsair platinuim 2400 9-11-11-31, AX1200i Corsair PSU, Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSD

      I wanted to replace the previous Intel Core i7 3960X, bought in early 2012, with whom I never had any problems.

      Unfortunately, I started having strange problems: the system was cold to the post, then within seconds he walked and came to the screen of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. After a certain time the system crashed, or rather the mouse still work, but they could no longer use the hard disk and applications did not respond.

      At that point, restarting the post became long, then start it would take 2-3 minutes.

      I tried to reset the CMOS, remove the plug, change components: every now and then he walked quickly, then froze, then the start was slow. Then for 3 days no problem, then again.

      In the end I changed the motherboard and now I have an ASUS RAMPAGE IV Extreme: same problems. How is this possible?

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Hello idiegoit,


          Did you install an application before this started to happen? Have you try a clean installation of the operating system?  Is there software installed provided by the board manufacturer to check if there are overheating issues related with your processor? Is there a way you can try different memory sticks? Also, if it’s possible try using another power supply and check what the behavior is.



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            Hello Freddy_Intel,


            I have already tried a fresh install of the operating system, different memory sticks, different power supply (I installed instead of the Corsair AX1200i, one AX1200) without solving the problems.


            In the end, today I replaced the i7 3970X with an i7 3960X, this time without solving the problem.


            So I tried to disable USB3 Controller (Asmedia) from the BIOS. And right now I have no problem.


            At this point I'm going to test the pc a few days. If the problem does not occur again, I'll re-install the i73970x

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              Freddy Gonzalez

              Hello Diego Infantino,


              I look forward to receiving your updated on this.