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    Graphical glitches/artifacts/flickering/mirroring etc with HD 2500 (3470)


      Hi there everyone.


      I've been dealing with some serious issues with my iGPU in my i5 3470. This all started after my discrete GPU died and I enabled the integrated as a way of using my PC until I could afford a new one. Upon booting up, I found that windows, and games are all affected by different types of graphical artifacts and glitches.


      When starting up games, I get flickering reddish dots sprinkled all over the screen. Once I get in, there's portions of the game that are readable, but it's mostly stretched, mirrored and otherwise distorted to the point of being totally unplayable. I'll include some images in my post to more accurately describe the symptoms.


      At this point, I'm thinking it could be either ram or cpu damage, a dodgy motherboard, or some weird conflict between these 3 (I've basically removed all devices from my system, and haven't isolated it yet though). I've never seen anything like it before. I have


      I've tried heaps of different fixes already, I've run both mint Linux and Windows 7 and both suffer from the same issue. I've updated bios to latest one, updated drivers and windows updates, tried altering video settings, removed a channel of ram, many other things that I can't remember too, and had zero success. I'm at the end of my rope, and thought I should ask the community who are most related to my issue!


      My system is as follows:

      gigabyte ga-z77-d3h mobo

      4gbx2 corsair 1600 vengeance ram

      sata2 ssd, sata3 hdd

      corsair 620watt psu

      custom cooling on the cpu (so heat isn't an issue at all)

      dual widescreen samsung monitors (I've tried removing one too, no dice)

      Heres the images of the glitches I'm experiencing:http://i.imgur.com/Mp2ndlTh.jpg



      http://i.imgur.com/BJqq8PT.png http://i.imgur.com/Ync3Co7.jpg