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    Dolby Drivers


      I have a DZ77BH-55K motherboard and I have been getting the following message




      Dolby says to see the source of where you installd from for drivers and downloads.


      I tried to reinstall from my Intel Express Installer but after it starts installing I get that nasty Blue Screen


      anyone have any ideas?



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          I had the same issue with a DH77DF.


          Basically, the newer Realtek audio driver packages update the Dolby dll's contained within them.  The Intel supplied 'Dolby Home Theater' software package hasn't been updated to recognize the new dll versions, therefore you receive that error.


          I solved it by manually browsing the Express Installer CD/DVD for the Realtek audio driver package, and running the setup.  If you wish to use the Dolby Home Theater software package, you're stuck on that version of the Realtek audio driver.

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            Thanks Gize, if I can get back to that point I will give that a try.  I have uninstalled drivers then programs so many times that the Dolby is gone and wont install anymore, In fact I now have no sound at all for anything (dvd mp3, youtube, system).  I and run the install disk and it says it is now installed but in device manager I have a error of Code 18 but re-installing does not help. 


            I am also loosing the Gigabit Network driver every couple of times I reboot.  This error is a Code 10, I set restore points every time I boot the system and after several recoveries I loose all my backup points too.


            Windows 7 and this mbo makes Win ME look rock solid.


            I am also trying to use this system as a dual boot with win7 32 bit on one drive adn Win 7 64 bit on the other and right now the 32 bit has crashed so hard again I am going to have to re-install it from scratch.

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              I forgot to mention that when I look in device manager under "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" has the yellow triangle with the code 18 error