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    thinkpad R31, mobile celeron, winxp pro and clockrate drops.

      Hello everyone!
      Recently i've bought IBM ThinkPad R31: Celeron Mobile 1200mhz, 512ram.
      i've cleaned hdd and installed win xp pro from scratch. Also i've downloaded drivers
      from ibm website and installed them - including power management driver,
      battery maximiser etc. After few minutes of work i've noticed weird
      thing, clockrate dropped from 1200mhz to ... 150mhz!!.
      Notebook slowed down to i386 level, and only thing left was to restart
      the system. After restart, again 1200mhz... ok its nice.. but, then,
      when i started to use more cpu power (compressing some files, installing
      apps), notebook's fan started noisy and clockrate dropped to 150mhz. I
      left computer for about 15 minutes thinkig maybe cpu temperature is too
      high and it needs some "fresh air", but when i was back - still 150mhz,
      and after restart .. 1200mhz. I thought that its maybe something
      involving Intel SpeedStep technology, but as far as i know Mobile
      Celeron has no SpeedStep! So what is going on? This happens all the
      time, no matter if i'm working on AC or DC - when im starting to do
      something more cpu power consuming, fan starts for a few seconds and
      clockrate drops not raising until restart. As I said: its a newest bios
      installed, fresh win xp pro, and all drivers from ibm website. I tried
      with Power managment settings but nothing, it doesnt matter if i set
      power profile to "Always On", "Laptop", "High Performance" etc. - clock
      drops anyway. I cannot watch divx for more then few minutes, i cannot
      review my photos under acdsee for more then a minute and so on - it
      looks like when cpu is overheating it slows down, but... to 150mhz?! ..
      and why its not raising after cooling, only after reset? Bios settings
      are default, Intel SpeedStep section is shaded so i can't change
      anything (and its ok i suppose since celeron m doesnt have speedstep -
      or maybe i'm wrong..?). Please help - what is going on? Ok, maybe it
      isnt top level system, but it is celeron 1200mhz not 150mhz!