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    Setting Preferred Band to 5ghz


      I have been searching for a way to set the preferred band to 5ghz so on some of our ap's with access points on both bands 5ghz would be the preffered as 5ghz has a lot less interference than 2.4ghz.  I know if you go to the advanced driver tab for intel adapters that support 5ghz you can set 5ghz as the preference as seen in my screen shot.   My question is how can I set this via some sort of script or something I can deploy through group policy.   So far I haven't found any way to edit it without manually changing it although I'm sure its stored somewhere.  If anyone has any ideas please share. wireless.PNG

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          Hi yelling_softly,


          If you are looking to configure one system I would suggest going in the same Advanced Tab then Wireless Mode and selecting 802.11a only.


          If you are looking to deploy several systems, in order to do that I would recommend creating a profile for your wireless network and including that option on the adapter settings in the profile, the following link will provide information on how to create a profile, remember you will need to select the options according to your needs:



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            Thanks for the reply I am actually looking to do it on probably a few hundred systems.  The thing is we don't use intel's proset wireless software just the driver from intel as we let windows handle the wireless.  I would think there would be a registry entry or something changed by changing that preferred band option in the advanced settings in device manager but so far I have not been able to find it.   Found a few references to it in the registry but nothing that reflected the changed value.

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              The only way we have to configure these settings would be through the administrator toolkit. Changing the settings in the registry is unfortunately not something we would offer/support.

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                I know this is an old post, but I wanted to give anyone who happens to come upon this post while searching for a way to do this some help.


                You can easily script this setting.  You just need to search the Registry for the value "RoamingPreferredBandType" and change it to "2".  Here is code that you can use in a simple batch file to do this:

                **Start Copy Below**

                @echo off

                set iwifi=

                FOR /f "usebackq" %%i IN ('reg query HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class /v RoamingPreferredBandType /s^|find "Class"') DO set iwifi=%%i

                if "%iwifi%"=="" goto bye

                reg add %iwifi% /v RoamingPreferredBandType /t REG_SZ /d 2 /f

                set iwifi=



                **End Copy Above**


                You need to do a search because there will be a key in the path that is a GUID that will be different depending upon what hardware is installed.

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                  I'm a network engineer, but not a windows scripting person... I'm wanting to know if anyone on the forums could write me a similar script that sets the 2.4GHZ channel width to 20mhz, the 5GHZ to Auto, Roaming Aggressiveness to Medium, and the Preferred band to 5GHZ?

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                    Hello ghstinshll,


                    This can also be done by accessing the advanced settings on the adapter itself. is there an specific reason as to why you want to do it using a script?

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                      I know this is likely much too late for your needs, but i'll just leave this here in case anyone needs to change adapter settings directly in the registry in the future with PowerShell:


                      Get-ChildItem HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class -Recurse -ErrorAction silentlyContinue | Get-ItemProperty |
                      ForEach-Object {if  ($_.RoamingPreferredBandType -ge 0) {

                      $path = $_.pspath

                      Set-ItemProperty $path -name "RoamingPreferredBandType" -Value "2"

                      write-output $_.pspath


                      Basically you would need a separate set-itemProperty for each property you would like to set on the NIC and a bit of research into what the value on the adapter translates to in the registry, but it should be pretty straightforward.