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    S1200KPR and graphic part

    François DEGUELDRE

      Hello everyone,


      I actually planning to buy several S1200KPR boards to built some professional NAS, they need to have a low power consumption and i stop myself on two processors : Xeon E3 1265LV2 and Xeon E3 1220LV2, The biggest difference between those two (exept the performance part) is that the 1220LV2 does not have any Integrated GPU , so my question is very simple but i can't find any answer regarding this : Will i be able to use the DVI port on the board with a 1220LV2 CPU or not?


      The specification of this board are not clear enough from my point of view, intel said :


      Graphics Specifications
      Integrated GraphicsYes
      Graphics OutputDVI-I
      Discrete GraphicsNo


      ARK | Intel® Server Board S1200KPR