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    need help with FPS in games


      Hey guys, I have been playing games on my computer with Intel Core i5 processor with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and didn't have any problems with my FPS. So my problem is that recently I upgraded to Windows 8 from a clean install. And since I upgraded I have had many problems with my FPS in games dropping severely. So I thought: "Silly me! I didn't install the graphics driver!". So I went to install them and after that I can play in 60 FPS but it goes down to 30 several times and then reverts back to 60 like in a loop. Meanwhile, before upgrading I could play constantly on 60 FPS. Can't Intel HD Graphics perform equally as when I had Windows 7? Please, help me solve this. I have been trying like a maniac in several ways to solve this. I even registered here for help.