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    Manually Uninstall Wireless Drivers?


      Trying to upgrade a Dell with an Ultimate N 6300 under Win 7 Pro from v15.3 to current v15.6.1.


      When I run the upgrade file [either full 75M+ or drivers only] it tells me it can't upgrade from that version and I need to manually uninstall the drivers.


      I've tried:


      1) going into control panel and uninstalling from there. It successfully uninstalls, but the new driver file still refuses to upgrade.


      2) Going into device manager and uninstalling the drivers while checking the "delete drivers" checkbox. I've done this all the way to the point where Win7 complains that there are no drivers for the device. The 15.6.1 still refuses to install, demanding I manually uninstall the existing drivers.


      Meanwhile, the 15.3 package installs from any point.


      Am I missing something? Is there a command line switch to force the install?



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          Thank you for your post.

          To do clean out completely the drivers and software and stored settings see the steps below:

          Remove the Intel® PROSet software from Control Panel\ Control Panel home\ programs, ‘uninstall a Program’, check also for any other PROSet software and uninstall it too.

          Go to ‘Start’ right-click on ‘Computer’ click on device manager (on the left panel) click on “Network Adapters”\Double-Click the adapter name\Drivers Tab and click on the “Uninstall” button if present.

          Remove the Wireless folder found at C:\Users\YOUR_PROFILE_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Intel. (if you do not see the “AppData” folder you need to “unhide “ it, pres ‘alt’ click on ‘tools’ on the top of the screen then ‘folder options’ in folder options click on ‘view’ then select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” then click ‘ok’ )

          Install the latest drivers. (Right-click on the icon of the driver, and click on “run as administrator”, click next, then accept the agreement, select “customize” check all the features)

          Also note that this driver is a generic driver, we usually recommend installing the tested drivers from your computer manufacturer.

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            This did not work. After uninstalling the Intel ProSet 15.3 drivers, deleting the folder you specified and rebooting, there were no drivers for the card on my laptop. The driver file failed in exactly the same way, with a  message saying installation was blocked and the old drivers must be manually uninstalled.

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              Hello WMConey,


              Please try to run this Microsoft* Fix it utility first:



              You may also try installing the driver in Safe Mode with Networking (press F8 while Windows* boots).



              If the issue persists please provide the exact wording of the error message.

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                Thanks for the suggestion.


                I have tried both the utility and safe mode. Still get the same error message.

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                  Exact Error Message:


                  Blue box labeled "Intel PROSet/Wireless Software v15.6.1"


                  "Installation Blocked:"

                  This version cannot upgrade from the current older product. Please uninstall the older product manually."


                  Please resolve these errors and retry installation."

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                    Thanks for posting again.


                    This seems to be caused by software corruption probably related to Windows* registry. I wonder if it is possible to try a system restore to a previous point.




                    You may also contact the computer manufacturer for further assistance.

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                      And why would 15.3 installer work flawlessly and 15.6 not at all?

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                        I have a doubt about this; was this Intel® Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 adapter preinstalled in your system or did you purchase it separately?

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                          Installed about 2.5 years ago. If I remember correctly, it replaced a 49xx card and the driver version was 11 or 12. Its been consistently upgraded along the way with series 13 and 14 drivers.


                          Today, with the N 6300, if I follow all the uninstall advice given and go back to Win 7 not locating any drivers the 15.6.1 install file fails in the manner described. At that point [or any other] running the older 15.3 install file originally downloaded from this site installs flawlessly - or at least with no errors or failures announced.


                          Thus, it would appear that there is a difference between the two install routines and if this difference could be identified and bypassed or corrected a successful install could be achieved.

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                            I regret to inform you this kind of integration is not supported by Intel®.

                            Note that the Intel(R) wireless adapters are meant to be professionally installed by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technicians on certified systems only.

                            Please note that these adapters are not meant to be sold separately, your system must be compliant with the required FCC certifications in compliance with the International Special Committee for Radio Interference standards for radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference.

                            In this case what we recommend and encourage you to first contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to determine if the product is approved for use in your computer.

                            Installing an aftermarket wireless adapter in your laptop can cause several issues which may affect usage of the wireless adapter or laptop. Some of these issues may include the following:

                            - The OEM may have installed the wireless adapter with a lock to prevent installation of another adapter.

                            - Your adapter may not be electrically compatible with your laptop that may cause the adapter and/or your laptop to no longer function.

                            - Wireless hardware installation and use is subject to regulatory approval, and the adapter purchased may not support your local regulations.


                            Regulatory information regarding hardware installation or upgrade



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                              This is an evasion of responsibility.


                              When I bought this from Dell as an upgrade they listed on their website >>2 years ago, they did not warn that this was "not supported." Maybe you should tell them.


                              And the completely irrelevant link to laws outside the US on registration?


                              Pity there's not a button for "Useless answer."

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                                In this scenario we believe the best option for you is to contact the computer manufacturer because:


                                • Uninstalling and reinstalling drivers did not work; the same result for additional software troubleshooting steps.


                                • If they provided the wireless adapter to you as an upgrade, this integration should have been validated and certified by them in order to comply with the regulations inside U.S.


                                • They supplied all the software for your system, including drivers and operating system which may be customized and may need to be reinstalled.
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                                  So lets see if I get your logic:


                                  My 5 year old Dell Vostro 1400 has successfully installed every driver update through 15.3. Version 15.6, which has a visually different installer, fails.


                                  Rather than tell me how to override the default installer, you refer me back to Dell whom you appear to believe will gladly reverse engineer version 15.6 and correct the error or problem in Intel's install routine.


                                  Not Helpful.

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                                    HI WMConey,

                                    I had a similar problem. I solved it by uninstalling 2 drivers
                                    intel proset/wireless for bluetooth 3.0 + high speed and the intel wireless driver.
                                    once i fulfilled this , i was able to install the new wireless driver.



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