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    entering bios screen when there are no specific keys specified

    marc orlando

      Intel mobo model D915GAV/D915PGN and/or E210882 installed in a NO NAME desktop which appears to be an HP clone. Same psu, memory, same sata drives, same mechanical design. Issue is that the "SPLASH" screen is INTEL,P4 INSIDE. NO F keys or any other key on the screen to use to enter bios. I want to experiment with different open source OS's. But I need to start the CDs from the BIOS screen just like a WINDOWS installation. These are LIVE CDs. I do not know if they will be read from the desktop like any installation cd. I NEED to know how to enter the bios so I can start the cd from there. What key(s) do I need/ This is literally a NO NAME computer. NO labels, or printed info anywhere, inside and out. Other than it looks like an HP design, I can not tell you if it actually is. The numbers are directly from the board. Solutions please. reeltroreelguy@gmail.com