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    HD3000 and GPU installed - maintaining DirectX compatibility?


      Up to this point, I have been using the HD3000 graphics built in to the I5-2500K CPU and it suits my basic graphics needs just fine  Someone just gave me an EVGA GT 430 GPU that I would like to try out.  As I understand it, the HD3000 IGPU only supports DirectX 10 where as the GT 430 supports DirectX 11.  If I want to maintain the ability to still use my HD3000 IGPU, should I just avoid upgrading to DirectX 11?  Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  

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          Intel® HD Graphics 3000 is able to support DirectX* 10.1.


          You can install DirectX* 11 manually in a system and still use a hardware compatible with DirectX* 10.1 as this video controller and the system will still operate as 10.1 complaint system (no need to rollback).


          One thing you may take under consideration would be installing a new processor with Intel® HD Graphics 4000 that uses the same socket type (LGA1155) after checking for compatibility with your motherboard manufacturer. That way you may get a system with DirectX* 11 and take advantage of the video capabilities that Intel® HD Graphics video controllers will give you such as Intel(R) Quick sync Video 2.0, Intel(R) inTru 3D techonology, Intel(R) Clear video.


          For a list of newer processors featuring Intel® HD Graphics 4000 and the LGA1155 socket (the same of the current processor you have), you can refer to this URL:



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            Thank you.  I did not check my DirectX version before installing the GT 430 but now I see after running DXDIAG that my system is running DirectX 11 and not 10 like I presumed it was.  Thanks for the advice but I am sticking with my I5-2500K CPU that I very easily overclocked to 4.5 GHz for a while.