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    DX79T0 Post Video Issue

    Michael Doane

      I just recently built a new system with the DX79T0 board and a EVGA 660ti for the video card.  When I powered on the system it would give me an error code (I believe 51) with two beeps.  Looking it up in the instructions it was a general video error, I guess it couldn't see the card.  To test if it was the card or the board I tried my old 9800gt from my other computer and it booted right up.  To test further I tried to have both cards in at the same time with the video plugged into the new card.  It worked but during boot you cannot see any splash screens, video finally appears when your at the windows log-in screen.  If you remove the older card then it goes back to giving you the error code and not booting.  I've also tried to turn off the video warning in the bios and it will allow it to post but no video will appear on the screen.  Its as if with the 660ti the motherboard cannot see it unless there is another card present.  Any help would be appreciated, right now I'm able to use it with that temp dual card fix but I would like to get it back into my other computer.