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    ISCSI Boot Issue w/ IBM 3650 M4 embedded 4-port I350?



      I was wondering if there is a timed mechanism built into the embedded 4-port I350 that would affect the ISCSI boot process.


      I currently have an issue where the I can successfuly boot from say NIC Port0, but if I move my connection to NIC Port3 and configure the attempt again, it will not establish a connection.  It cannot login and the IP cannot be hit with a ping.

      Here is the setup: 

      IBM 3650 M4 w/ UEFI configured with 1 attempt for NIC3. IQN settings as well as IP's verified for the Host and SAN.

      Netapp 3170 w/ a LUN containing a Windows 2008 R2 OS, mapped and presented to the IBM

      Both connected to a Brocade MLXe Switch.

      Let me know if you need more info.

      Thanks in advance!