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    DZ77BH and some problems (unknown device, Dolby, Intel Desktop)


      Hello ,


      I've a new dz77bh-55k with a xenon-CPU and after installing all software three problems:


      1. In the device manager there is an unknow device:
        PCI-Communicationscontroller (simple)
        VEN 8086
        DEV 1E3B
        SUBSYS 20408086
        Rev 04

      2. I installed from CD the Dolby Home Theater, after updating the audio driver to the newest one I got a message:
        Currently installed is version 7.2.8000.13 of the Dolby-Audiodriver. The Software needs driverversion 7.2.7000.7.

        I don't find a way to get the new DHT.
      3. From the Intel-CD I installed Intel Desktop Software Version 3-2-4-055
        I can start it, but it will stay searching for something. The tabs "Systeminformation", "Hardware-Monitor" and "Options" are grey, only Help is blue.

      I use the newest driver, checked with Slimdrivers.


      Where can I get the driver for the unknown device and a new DHT ?


      Is Intel Desktop Software something like Speedfan ? If yes, then it doesn't matter with it, because I'm used to start Speefan every boot.


      Thanks for any tipps.


      Best regards from Germany