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    Atom N2600 Driver Help


      Hi all,


      I bought an MSI Wind U180 netbook recently, as a replacement for my U130 that sadly gave up the ghost after two years of solid service. (I know netbooks aren't the "in thing," but I vastly prefer them to tablets.)


      DXDiag tells me the processor inside is an Atom N2600, with 1.6Ghz @ 4 CPUs, (is that quad-core or am I reading this wrong?) However, the graphics driver is just Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor.


      Now, this probably happened when I updated this thing to Windows 8, alongside installing an SSD, more RAM and a larger battery to make it more potent. It's worked beautifully, but I crashed into the typical problem with Windows 8 and netbooks - the resolution lockout Microsoft kindly added. However, the graphics utility has disappeared that I've been told would let me fudge the resolution a little to get Metro app to run when I need them. Also, Windows has set my resolution to 800*600, when it's capable of 1024*600, but no option for that exists.


      Tried the automated driver finder thing on Intel's support page, and it just ticks over, searching but finding nothing. Manually searching gave me some drivers for the processor, but seemingly not the graphics drivers nor that utility that has a bunch of settings to customise resolution, multi-screening and such.


      Anyway, TL;DR, Microsoft shafted netbook users, and I'd love if someone could help me out with getting this sorted. Apparently this chip has a GMA 945 in it? The drivers only seem to be compatible with W7, and give me "Minimum Requirements" errors saying my netbook isn't good enough.


      Thanks for any and all help,