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    Motherboard for Xeon L5638


      Hello Community!

      Today i have a very special question to all of you. I recieved a Xeon L5638 from a friend - the CPU itself was a replacement-part for one of his Lenovo C20 workstations. But the Problem: The CPU is not supportet by any motherboards on the german IT-Market.

      I found some information that the X58-Chipset - also the 5520 Chipset - does support this Xeon as well. Also the Asus P6T-Series is well known to support the Xeon L5638.
      Now the Questions:
      - Is there any hope that the Xeon L5638 is running in a Asus P6T WS Professional?
      - Are there any well known boards who are supporting the L5638?


      I hope you will help me soon.